IN THE MATTER OF ASSOCIATED        Docket No. 94-116-ST
TECHNICAL INSTITUTE,                Student Financial
            Respondent.            Assistance Proceeding


    On July 12, 1994, the Director of the Compliance and Enforcement Division, Office of Student Financial Assistance Programs (SFAP), U.S. Department of Education, issued a Notice of Intent to Terminate and Fine against Respondent. Respondent filed a Request for Hearing on July 26, 1994. By the Order Governing Proceedings issued on August 25, 1994, SFAP was required to file its brief on September 22, 1994, which it did. Respondent was required to file its brief by October 20, 1994, which it did not do. As a result, the tribunal issued an Order to Show Cause on November 1, 1994, requiring Respondent to file a response by November 16, 1994. Counsel for Respondent sent the tribunal a letter dated November 4, 1994, in which he stated that the school had closed permanently and wished to withdraw its appeal.

    Respondent's letter is accepted, and will be treated as Respondent's withdrawal of its request for a hearing to demonstrate why the termination of eligibility to participate in the federal student financial assistance programs and the proposed fine should not take place. See In the Matter of Philadelphia Training Center Corporation and Affiliates, Dkt. No. 94-22-ST, U.S. Dep't of Educ. (Order Confirming Withdrawal of Appeal and Return of Notice of Intent to Terminate) (June 24, 1994).

    Accordingly, this case is returned to the Director of the Compliance and Enforcement Division, SFAP, for further action in accordance with the Notice of Intent to Terminate and Fine dated July 12, 1994.


                             Judge Richard F. O'Hair

Issued: November 29, 1994
    Washington, D.C.


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