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Assigned Docket Numbers

Assigned Docket Numbers (please select):


2023 Docket Numbers:

23-04-SA, Cosmetology Career Institute
23-06-CP, Prairie State College
23-13-DA, Daisy Gulsby
23-15-DA, Karen Lynn Harris
23-16-CP, Aurora Public Schools District
23-17-CP, Triangle Charter Education Association, Inc. and Charter Schools USA
23-21-DA, Randolph Stanley
23-22-DA, Leo Frank Thomas Jr.
23-24-DA, Erica Montgomery

2022 Docket Numbers:

22-21-DA, Elaine M. Levidow
22-27-CP, Parkland College
22-28-CP, Cherry Creek School District
22-36-DA, Marjorie O’Neill
22-37-DA, Isaac Gotlieb
22-38-O, Wyoming Department of Education
22-49-DA, Keisha Pope
22-50-SP, Palmetto Beauty School
22-58-SP, Ashland University
22-61-SP, Drake College of Business

2021 Docket Numbers:

21-02-SA, The Estate of Decker College
21-05-SP, Durham Beauty Academy
21-08-O, Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
21-26-CP, DeKalb County School District
21-38-CP, DuPage Regional Office of Education #19
21-48-SP, Cosmetology Career Institute

2020 Docket Numbers:

20-05-SA, Paul Mitchell
20-16-I, New Mexico Public Education Department
20-17-I, Lummi Nation
20-31-WG, RM
20-32-WG, EH
20-33-WG, KD
20-35-WG, DW

2019 Docket Numbers:

19-17-SP, National College
19-24-SA, Ibero American College
19-25-SA, Ohio College of Massotherapy
19-26-SA, Avant Gard the School
19-52-SP, Boricua College (NY)
19-54-EA, Professional Career Training Institute (TX)
19-55-ST, Professional Career Training Institute (TX)
19-73-CP, Texas Education Agency
19-81-CP, Hawaii Department of Education
19-82-CP, Eastern Florida State College

2018 Docket Numbers:

18-04-SA, Globe University (MN)
18-08-SP, Bramson ORT College
18-11-SA, Court Reporting Institute of St. Louis
18-13-SP, The Hair California Beauty Academy
18-16-SP, Salon and Spa Institute
18-28-SP, 360 Degrees Beauty Academy (TX)
18-38-SP, City University of New York Lehman College
18-39-SP, Bank Street College of Education
18-54-SP, Houston Community College (TX)
18-67-SP, Salinas Beauty College

2017 Docket Numbers:

17-01-O, Oregon Department of Education
17-07-O, Texas Education Agency
17-10-O, State of New Jersey and New Jersey Department of Education
17-15-SA, Sisseton Wahpeton College
17-32-SA, Minnesota School of Business
17-45-SP, Hair Fashions by Kaye Beauty College
17-46-SA, Barone Beuaty Academy (PA)
17-54-SP, Hiwassee College
17-55-SP, Atlanta Beauty & Barber Academy
17-57-SP, American Beauty Academy (MD)
17-62-EA, National Student Aid Services (OK)
17-63-ST, National Student Aid Services
17-64-SA, American Beauty Academy

2016 Docket Numbers:

16-03-SA, Central Nursing College (CA)
16-17-SA, Ann Marie’s World of Beauty School (NY)
16-19-SA, Arkansas Beauty School – Conway
16-21-SP, Georgia Northwestern Technical College
16-23-SP, The Salon and Spa Institute (TX)
16-25-SP, Alvareita’s College of Cosmetology
16-26-SP, Alvareita’s College of Cosmetology
16-32-SP, Southwest Baptist University
16-42-SA, Navient Corporation
16-50-EA, Ward’s Corner Beauty Academy
16-51-ST, Ward’s Corner Beauty Academy
16-56-SA, MCI Institute of Technology
16-58-R, WV Dep’t of Education and the Arts, Div. of Rehabilitation Services

2015 Docket Numbers:

15-04-SA, Pennsylvania School of Business
15-05-SP, College of Visual Arts
15-29-SA, Lynnedale Fundamentals of Beauty School
15-36-SP, Housatonic Community College
15-42-SP, Performance Training Institute, Toms River (NJ)
15-60-SP, Elite Academy of Beauty Arts
15-65-SA, Wilberforce University

2014 Docket Numbers:

14-02-SP, Cleveland Institute of Electronics
14-05-SA, Jagiellonian University
14-23-SA, College of Visual Arts
14-37-SP, Bio-Chi Institute of Massage Therapy
14-68-SP, Institute of Allied Medical Professions

2013 Docket Numbers:

13-03-SA, Summit Salon and Beauty School
13-04-SP, KeVosNik School of Hair Design
13-09-SA, Velma B’s Beauty Academy
13-10-SP, Martin University
13-13-EA, Tonsorial Academy of Cosmetology and Barber Styling
13-14-ST, Tonsorial Academy of Cosmetology and Barber Styling
13-16-WG, R
13-22-O, Pueblo of Pojoaque
13-41-O, New Mexico Public Education Department
13-43-O, South Carolina Department of Education
13-52-SP, Visions in Hair Design, Institute of Cosmetology
13-54-SP, Camden County College
13-55-SP, Michael’s School of Beauty
13-56-SP, CC’s Cosmetology College
13-58-SP, Institute of Medical Education
13-60-SP, Jay’s Technical Institute
13-67-R, State of New Jersey
13-68-SF, Lincoln University
13-68-SF, Lincoln University (Remand Decision)

2012 Docket Numbers:

12-09-SP, 360 Beauty Academy
12-14-SA, East Mississippi Community College
12-18-SA, Northwest Florida State College
12-24-WG, Edward
12-26-SP, Yuba College
12-32-SA, Central State University
12-35-R, Georgia Department of Education
12-44-SA, Barber-Scotia College
12-44-SA, Barber-Scotia College (reassigned)
12-45-SP, Rose Training Institute
12-53-SP, Tri-State College of Massotherapy
12-55-SP, Fortis College
12-59-SA, Institute of Medical Education
12-60-ST, Ladera Career Paths Training Centers
12-65-SA, Technical Career Institute
12-66-SP, Technical Career Institute
12-45-SP, Rose Training Institute

2011 Docket Numbers:

11-09-SA, Nightingale Medical Institute
11-14-EA, Health Opportunity Technical Center
11-16-ST, Health Opportunity Technical Center
11-30-SF, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
11-30-SF, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Decision Upon Remand)
11-33-R, Pennsylvania Department of Education (Application of School District of Philadelphia) (Significant Order)
11-33-R, Pennsylvania Department of Education (Initial Decision)
11-34-SP, University of Cincinnati
11-38-SA, 4-States Academy of Cosmetology
11-49-SP, Anamarc College
11-55-SA, Central State University
11-55-SA, Central State University (Decision on Remand)
11-56-SF, Washington State University
11-61-I, Northwest Arctic Borough School District (AK)
11-67-SP, West Valley Occupational Center
11-71-SP, Galiano Career Institute
11-71-SP, Galiano Career Institute (Decision Upon Remand)
11-83-SP, Helma Institute of Massage Therapy,
11-86-I, Central Kitsap School District (WA)

2010 Docket Numbers:

10-01-SA, Savannah River College
10-03-WG, Ralph
10-04-SA, AMESED
10-05-SP, Georgia Highlands College
10-09-SP, Hawaii Business College
10-16-SP, New York Paralegal School
10-17-DA, Thea Jackson
10-25-SP, Concordia College
10-29-SA, American Institute of Business
10-31-R, First Congregational Church of Detroit (Significant Order)
10-32-SP, Prairie View Agricultural and Mechanical University
10-54-SP, Bell Mar Beauty College
10-56-SP, Lexington College
10-57-SF, Leon Studio One School of Hair Design

2009 Docket Numbers:

09-02-SP, Willoughby-Eastlake School of Practical Nursing
09-05-R, State of California
09-09-SP, MJ’s Beauty Academy
09-12-DA, William P. Jenkins
09-20-R, Application of Pittsburg Pre-School and Community Council, Inc.
09-22-SA, Star Technical Institute
09-28-SA, Philander Smith College
09-29-SP, Academy of Cosmetology
09-35-SA, Community College System of New Hampshire
09-37-SA, Instituto Irma Valentin
09-38-SA, Instituto Irma Valentin
09-56-SF, Tarleton State University
09-63-SA, Snead Academy

2008 Docket Numbers:

08-06-SA, Rosslyn Training Academy of Cosmetology
08-17-SA, Columbia Beauty College
08-19-SP, St. Petersburg College
08-21-SP, Howard Community College
08-36-SA, Quality College of Culinary Careers
08-36-SA, Quality College of Culinary Careers (Decision Upon Remand)
08-43-SA, Mason Academy of Cosmetology
08-49-SF, Aims Academy
08-51-SF, 4-States Academy of Cosmetology
08-64-SA, Powder Springs Beauty College

2007 Docket Numbers:

07-17-EA, Harrison Career Institute
07-18-ST, Harrison Career Institute
07-20-O, Round Valley Indian Tribes
07-27-O, Soboba Band of Luiseno Indians (Significant Order)
07-27-O, Soboba Band of Luiseno Indians
07-30-DA, Dolores Cross
07-38-SP, South Florida Community College
07-41-SP, EdNet Career Institute
07-52-SA, International Junior College
07-52-SA, International Junior College (Decision Upon Remand
07-55-SA, Harrison Career Institute
07-55-SA, Harrison Career Institute (Decision Upon Remand)
07-57-SF, HDS Truck Driving School
07-63-SA, Harrison Career Institute

2006 Docket Numbers:

06-01-SP, DeMarge College
06-07-R, In re Arizona Dep’t of Education
06-12-DA, Jennifer Wilson White
06-17-SP, National Beauty College
06-20-SP, New Concept Massage & Beauty School
06-21-SP, International Renowned Beauty Academy
06-22-SP, Decker College
06-24-SP, College America-Denver
06-33-SP, University of Szeged Medical & Pharmaceutical Faculties
06-37-DA, Muna Jaber
06-44-SA, American Center for Technical Arts & Sciences
06-45-SP, Hope Career Institute&lt
06-47-SA, Texas Career Institute Institute, Kerrville-Houston
06-48-SP, Velma B’s Beauty Academy
06-51-SP, Du Quoin Beauty College

2005 Docket Numbers:

05-01-SP, Wrightco Technologies Technical Training Institute
05-02-EA, CSC Institute
05-04-R, Application of the U.S. Virgin Islands Dep’t of Educ
05-17-SP, Hicks Academy of Beauty Culture
05-26-SP, Denver Academy of Court Reporting
05-32-SA, Hampton Roads School of Technology
05-33-SA, Shimer College
05-39-R, Disability Rights Center of Kansas
05-48-SP, Shaw University
05-50-SP, LA LAN 2000 Computer Training Center
05-49-SA, Gibson’s Barber and Beauty College
05-75-DA, Leroy Evans
05-78-SP, Compton Community College

2004 Docket Numbers:

04-06-EA, Pittsfield Vocational School and Taconic High School
04-07-ST, Pittsfield Vocational School and Taconic High School
04-08-SA, Interactive Learning Systems
04-10-SA, Metro Technical Institute
04-20-SP, Bryant & Stratton College
04-20-SP, Bryant & Stratton College (Decision on Remand)
04-22-SA, Alcorn State University
04-23-SP, Stone Child College
04-24-SP, Avalon Beauty College
04-25-SP, Instituto Fontecha
04-26-SP, Davenport Barber Styling College
04-27-SP, Vernon’s Kansas School of Cosmetology
04-35-SP, American Christian College and Seminary
04-34-SP, Universidad de Ciencias Medicas
04-39-SP, DeMarge College
04-41-SF, Powder Springs Beauty College
04-42-SF, Instituto Irma Valentin-Manati
04-43-SF, Instituto Irma Valentin-Utuado
04-44-SF, Teachers College, Columbia University
04-49-SF, DeMarge College
04-52-SP, American Center for Technical Arts & Sciences

2003 Docket Numbers:

03-06-SA, Stage One, The Hair School
03-07-SA, Stage One, The Hair School
03-16-SP, Roswell Beauty College of Cosmetology Arts & Sciences
03-21-SP, Instituto de Estetica y Belleza Marugie
03-42-SF, Teddy Ulmo Institute
03-58-SP, William Tyndale College
03-65-SP, Omni Technical School
03-66-SP, Omni Technical School
03-67-SP, Omni Technical School
03-68-SP, Avanti Hair Tech
03-69-SP, Avanti Hair Tech
03-70-SP, Avanti Hair Tech<
03-94-SA, Euro Hair Design Institute (Final Order)
03-95-SA, Euro Hair Design Institute (Final Order)
03-100-SP, American Business College
03-101-SP, Pittsburgh Beauty Academy
03-105-DA, Thomas Koons

2002 Docket Numbers:

02-4-SA, Climate Control Institute
02-22-SP, Avanti Hair Tech
02-26-SA, King’s Career College
02-45-SP, TRC Jan Mar Beauty Academy
02-49-SP, Hamilton Professional Schools
02-56-SA, Metropolitan Beauty Academy
02-58-ST, Rhode Island Beauty Academy
02-62-SA, Livingstone College
02-63-SP, Nationwide Beauty School
02-77-SA, Moreno Valley Technical Skills Center
02-78-SP, Trocaire College
02-92-SP, Alfred Adler Graduate School

2001 Docket Numbers:

01-06-SP, Business Training Institute
01-12-SA, Page Antelope Valley Beauty School
01-13-EA, Hamilton Professional Schools
01-14-ST, Hamilton Professional Schools
01-16-O, Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California
01-17-O, Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma
01-19-O, Wellpinit School District
01-20-O, Inter-Tribal Council, Inc.

01-21-SA, Armstrong Atlantic State University
01-26-SP, Stenotopia Business School
01-30-SP, International Institute of Chinese Medicine
01-42-SA, Southern College, and Southeastern Academy
01-43-SA, Southern College, and Southeastern Academy

2000 Docket Numbers:

00-01-EA, Advanced Technology Institute
00-04-ST, Clerical Art School
00-07-SP, Southeastern Academy
00-24-SP, Robert’s Institute of Hair Design
00-34-SP, Otsego Area School of Practical Nursing
00-38-SP, Jon Louis Schools of Beauty
00-55-SA, Pacific Travel Trade School
00-56-SP, Wright Business School
00-60-R, Application of Virgin Islands Department of Education
00-63-SA, TRC Jan Mar Beauty Academy

1999 Docket Numbers:

99-2-SP, Huston-Tillotson College
99-15-SA, Humphreys College
99-22-SA, Cannella Schools of Hair Design
99-26-SA, Barber-Scotia College
99-29-SA, Saint Louis University
99-29-SA, Saint Louis University (Decision Upon Remand)
99-47-EA, Bruce Rappaport Faculty of Medicine, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology
99-65-SP, College of Hair Design
99-75-EA, Philadelphia Wireless Technical Institute
99-76-ST, Philadelphia Wireless Technical Institute
99-77-EA, US Schools
99-81-I, Zuni Public School District #89 and Gallup-McKinley Public Schools
99-83-SP, The University of Birmingham, The Shakespeare Institute

1998 Docket Numbers:

98-4-SP, Truck Driving Academy
98-7-SP, Spartan Health Sciences University School of Medicine
98-12-SP, OIC Vocational Institute
98-14-ST, Benjamin Franklin Career & Technical Education Center
98-15-ST, CC’s Cosmetology College
98-16-SP, Ocean County Vocational Institute
98-21-SP, Texas College
98-37-SF, Hollywood School of Beauty Culture & Advanced Hair Design
98-39-SA, International Business College
98-47-SP, Donnelly College
98-49-ST, Bjorn’s Hairstyling Academy
98-50-SP, Ackerman Institute for Family Therapy
98-52-SF, Lee County High Tech Center Central
98-57-ST, Westech College
98-57-ST, Westech College
98-57-ST, Westech College (Order on Remand)
98-62-ST, TRC Jan Mar Beauty Academy
98-65-SA, American Nanny College
98-68-SP, Mr. D Town and County Beauty College
98-69-ST, Nasson Institute
98-72-SA, Cannella Schools of Hair Design
98-73-SA, Cannella Schools of Hair Design
98-81-SP, Hair Interns School of Cosmetology
98-89-SA, Ponce Technical School
98-90-SP, Northland Pioneer College
98-97-ST, Westchester School of Beauty Culture
98-99-ST, Ackerman Institute for Family Therapy
98-104-ST, Broms Academy</A
98-108-SA, Excelsis Beauty College
98-109-SP, Modern Trend Beauty School
98-110-SA, Contempo School of Beauty
98-113-SA, Page’s University of Cosmetology
98-122-SP, Capri College
98-123-EA, North Carolina Academy of Cosmetic Art
98-129-ST, North Carolina Academy of Cosmetic Art
98-131-SP, Roxborough Memorial Hospital School of Nursing
98-133-ST, Drake School of the Bronx
98-141-SA, Contempo School of Beauty
98-145-SA, Roxbury Community College
98-148-SP, Marshalltown Community College
98-149-SP, Clark Atlanta University
98-153-SP, Evergreen Beauty College

1997 Docket Numbers:

97-1-sp, Anthony’s Barber Styling College
97-2-EA, Jett Colleges of Cosmetology and Barbering
97-6-SP, Lorian County Community College
97-7-O, Yurok Tribe
97-8-O, Sinte Gleska University
97-9-O, Miccosukee Corporation
97-10-O, Mescalero Apache Tribe
97-11-ST, La Newton School of Beauty Culture
97-13-O, Cheyenne River Community College
97-14-O, Nisqually Indian Tribe
97-15-SP, Cabot Colleges
97-15-SP, Cabot Colleges
97-22-ST, Ambassador Beauty College
97-23-EA, Ambassador Beauty College
97-29-CR, Prince George’s County Public Schools
97-30-SP, Cooper Career Institute
97-35-R, The Illinois Council on Vocational Education
97-39-SP, Tiger Welding Institute
97-41-SF, Wichita Area Vocational Technical School
97-46-SP, Chattahoochee Technical Institute
97-54-SP, Ganaye Academy of Cosmetology
97-55-I, Bellevue Public Schools
97-61-SF, Universidad Eugenio Maria de Hostos
97-65-SP, Cincinnati State Technical and Community College
97-76-SP, Southwestern College</A
97-77-DA-S, John A. Bad Wound
97-80-EA, Karola Marcinkowskiego University of Health Sciences
97-82-SP, College America, Portland
97-88-DA-S, Kalmen Stern
97-91-DA-S, Jacob Elbaum
97-94-SP, Beth Medrash Eeyun Hatalmad
97-102-ST, Palm Beach Beauty & Barber School
97-103-DA, Carol Sapp
97-110-ST, Consumer Electronics Training Center
97-114-SP, Jett College of Cosmetology and Barbering
97-122-ST, Hair Design Institute
97-124-ST, Academy for Career Education
97-141-ST, Rogie’s School of Beauty Culture
97-143-EA, Sue Bennett College
97-145-ST, Sue Bennett College
97-156-EA, Escuela Autonoma de Ciencias Medicas
97-158-SF, Neosho County Community College
97-161-SP, Magic Touch Beauty Institue
97-164-ST, International Junior College
97-169-ST, Interactive Learning Systems
97-172-ST, Michigan Barber School
97-173-ST, Trend Beauty College
97-175-ST, Delaware County Institute of Training
97-179-ST, Avanti Hair Tech
97-181-SP, Instituto de Educacion Universal

1996 Docket Numbers:

96-4-SP, Christian Brothers University
96-5-EA, Vogue Colleges of Cosmetology
96-9-SA, United Education Institute
96-11-SP, New Hampshire Technical College
96-12-SA, L’Esthetique Cosmetology College Corporation
96-15-EA, Cannella Schools of Hair Design and Kankakee Academy of Hair Design
96-16-ST, Universidad Federico Henriquez Y Carvajal
96-19-ST, Student Loan Fund of Idaho
96-20-SP, Interamerican Business College
96-22-EA, Student Loan Fund of Idaho
96-23-SL, Student Loan Marketing Association
96-23-SL, Student Loan Marketing Association (Decision on Remand)
96-28-ST, Instituto de Educacion Universal
96-29-SP, Academy for Jewish Education
96-42-I, Quechen Indian Tribe v. San Pasqual Valley Unified School District
96-43-DA, Proposed Debarment of Nelson Murray
96-45-ST, SamVerly College of Barber/Hairstyling
96-46-DA, Reconsideration of the Debarment of Carl Simmons
96-48-SP, Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine
96-58-EA, New Concept Beauty Academy
96-59-SA, Aero-Space Institute
96-60-SF, Warnborough College
96-62-SP, Al Collins Graphic Design School
96-63-SP, University of Texas at Tyler
96-66-SP, Waukegan School of Hair Design
96-73-SP, Federico Beauty Colleges
96-77-SP,Beth Jacob Hebrew Teachers College
96-77-SP, Beth Jacob Hebrew Teachers College (Decision on Remand)
96-79-SP, Centro de Estudios Multidisciplinarios
96-93-SP, Instituto de Educacion Universal
96-95-SF, Pedigree Career Institute
96-96-ST, Valley Commercial College
96-102-SP, American Samoa Community College
96-103-SA, Instituto de Educacion Universal
96-104-ST, Syrit Computer School Systems
96-108-ST, Jon Louis Schools of Beauty
96-118-SP, Tiffany’s College of Hair Design
96-119-DA, Proposed Suspension of Ronald Sundick
96-123-EA, SYRIT Computer School Systems
96-125-SP, DeVry Institute f Technology
96-126-SP, Universidad Eugenio Maria de Hostos
96-128-SP, College of Beauty Arts & Science
96-130-EA, Seminar Network International School of Massage Therapy
96-131-SP, Center for Advanced Studies on Puerto Rico and the Caribbean
96-132-SP, Liberty Academy of Business
96-132-SP, Liberty Academy of Business (Decision on Remand)
96-135-SP, Shelby State Community College
96-136-SP, Butte Academy of Beauty Culture
96-138-SP, Kelsey-Jenney College
96-140-SP, Midland Career Institute
96-141-SP, Midland Career Institute
96-144-SP, SamVerly College of Barber/Hairstyling
96-145-ST, Western Beauty College
96-147-SP, Classic Beauty Colleges
96-151-ST, Thomas Serra Philadelphia Academy of Beauty
96-159-SP, Umpqua Community College
96-163-SP, Bruno Academy of Beauty
96-164-SP, New Concept Beauty Academy

1995 Docket Numbers:

95-3-I, Lapwai School District#341
95-5-DA, Student Loan Fund of Idaho
95-10-DA, Student Loan Fund of Idaho
95-12-DA, Student Loan Fund of Idaho
95-16-SA, National Beauty College
95-17-SP,Concorde Career Institute
95-20-SP, Federico Tulare County College of Beauty
95-21-SP, Jett College of Cosmetology and Barbering
95-35-ST, Belzer Yeshiva
95-42-SP, Lincoln Technical Institute
95-44-SA, DuQuoin/Trend Beauty College
95-46-SP, Delta Beauty College
95-48-SP, Louise’s Beauty College
95-52-SP, Arkansas Valley Technical Institute
95-55-SP, Belzer Yeshiva
95-57-SP, Jesode Hatorah
95-66-ST, Simmons School
95-67-O, Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe vs. North Kitsap School District
95-68-ST, Wheeling College of Hair Design
95-70-EA, Art of Beauty College
95-72-ST, Art of Beauty College
95-73-ST, Dean’s Westside Beauty College
95-76-SP, Concorde Career Institute
95-79-EA, Beth Medrash Eeyun Hatalmud
95-86-O, Sisseton Wahpeton Community College
95-91-CR, Chaffey Community College District
95-92-SP, Parks College
95-98-SP, Academy of Hair Design
95-99-SA, Iade American Schools
95-101-SP, Ivy Tech State College
95-103-ST, Penn-Ohio College
95-108-SA, Smith Business School, a/k/a International School for Career Education
95-118-DA, Proposed Debarment of James Moored
95-126-ST, Chris Logan Career College
95-128-ST, Universidad Eugenio Maria de Hostos
95-131-SA, Leonard’s Hollywood Beauty School
95-133-ST, National Shakespeare Conservatory
95-139-ST, Eldorado Colleges and Orange County Business College
95-141-ST, Cannella Schools of Hair Design
95-142-SP, Northeast Center for Judaic Studies
95-146-EA, Warnborough College
95-147-SP, Baton Rouge College
95-148-SP, Suncoast Beauty College
95-149-SA, Boise Bible College, Inc.
95-152-ST, Alma’s Beauty College
95-153-SP, Bojack Limited Academy of Beauty Culture
95-154-SP, Capri School of Beauty Culture
95-156-ST, National Computer College
95-162-SP, Winchester Beauty College
95-164-ST, Warnborough College

1994 Docket Numbers:

94-1-SP, Mr. Arnold’sExcellance Beauty Schools, Inc.
94-3-ST, Medical Arts Training Center
94-4-SP, Phillips Colleges, Inc.
94-6-SP, Metropolitan Career Institute
94-7-SA, Instituto de Banca y Comercio (Order)
94-8-EA, Sara Schenirer Teachers Seminary
94-10-EA, Beth Jacob Hebrew Teachers College
94-11-EA, Academy for Jewish Education
94-12-EA, Philadelphia Training Center and Affiliates
94-15-ST, Jesode Hatorah
94-15-ST, Jesode Hatorah (Decision on Remand)
94-20-SP, Colorado Career Academy
94-22-ST, Philadelphia Training Center Corporation and Affiliates (Order)
94-23-ST, Michigan College of Beauty
94-24-SP, Santa Clara Beauty College
94-27-ST, Phillips Colleges, Inc.
94-30-SA, Fundacion Educativa Ana G. Mendez
94-30-SA, Fundacion Educativa Ana G. Mendez (Decision on Remand)
94-31-SA, Education Management Systems, Inc. d/b/a Chenier
94-32-SP, Mary Holmes College
94-33-SP, Phillips Junior College, Salt Lake City (UT) Campus
94-35-SP, Nassau School
94-36-ST, Pikeville Beauty College
94-36-ST, Pikeville Beauty College (Decision on Remand)
94-37-EA, Seminar L’Moros Bais Yaakov
94-39-ST, Bnos Research Institute for Training and Education (Dismissal)
94-41-DA, Richard Friedberg
94-42-DA, Rimona Friedberg
94-43-ST, Beth Jacob Hebrew Teachers College
94-45-ST, Beth Medrash Eeyuan Hatalmud
94-47-ST, Seminar L’Moros Bais Yaakov (Dismissal)
94-49-ST, Sara Schenirer Teachers Seminary
94-50-ST, Derech Ayson Rabbinical Seminary
94-51-ST, Academy for Jewish Education
94-52-ST, Long Island Seminary of Jewish Studies (Order)
94-53-DA, Rabbi Jacob Rosenbaum
94-55-ST, Northeast Center for Judaic Studies
94-57-I, Lincoln Public Schools (Order)
94-58-ST, Bnai Arugath Habosem (Dismissal)
94-63-SP, Molloy College
94-66-ST, Hi-Tech Institute of Hair Design and Rickerson Beauty Academies #3 and #5
94-67-DA, Proposed Debarment of Kerry L. Murdock
94-70-SP, Kane Business Institute
94-73-EA, Bnai Arugath Habosem
94-76-O, Virginia Department of Education
94-78-SP, Long Beach College of Business
94-79-SP, Muscular Therapy Institute
94-80-ST, Beth Jacob Hebrew Teachers College
94-82-SA, Mary Holmes College
94-85-ST, Kelly’s Beauty School
94-87-ST, Sara Schenirer Teachers Seminary
94-88-SA, Microcomputer Technology Institute
94-88-SA, Microcumputer Technology Institute (Decision on Remand)
94-89-SA, Boston Architectural Center
94-90-SA, Mary Holmes College
94-92-SP, Salt Lake Community College
94-95-SP, National Education Center, Bryman Campus
94-96-SP, Cosmetology College
94-98-SP, National Broadcasting School
94-99-SP, Travel University International
94-102-SP, Mount Wachusett Community College
94-104-SA, Colorado Career Academy
94-107-SP, Cerritos Community College
94-109-SP, American Education Center, Inc.
94-110-SP, United GER Institutions
94-111-SP, Indiana Barber/Stylist College
94-116-ST, Associated Technical Institute (Order)
94-120-EA, Bnos Research Institute for Training and Education
94-121-SP, Trebas Institute for Recording Arts
94-122-SP, Patten College
94-125-ST, Allied Schools of Puerto Rico
94-125-ST, Allied Schools of Puerto Rico (Order)
94-127-SP, Hallmark Institute of Technology
94-128-SP, Massachusetts School of Barbering and Men’s Hairstyling
94-129-SP, Blaine Hair School
94-130-DA, Proposed Debarment of Mary Shumacher
94-131-SA, The Cittone Institute
94-132-SA, Chicago Educational Inc.
94-134-SP, The Cittone Institute
94-139-O, Hoopa Valley Tribe vs. Klamath-Trinity Joint Unified School District
94-140-SP, House of James Beauty College
94-142-ST, Rice College
94-144-SP, Monmouth County Vocational School District
94-145-SA, Catherine College
94-151-ST, Art of Beauty College
94-152-SP, Morgan Community College
94-155-ST, Putnam County Technical Center
94-158-ST, Commercial College
94-159-SP, CareerCom College of Business
94-163-SP, Pacific Beauty College, Inc. (Order)
94-167-ST, Academia Arecibena de Belleza
94-170-SP, Jordan College
94-171-SA, LeMoyne-Owen College
94-172-SA, Chicago State University
94-174-SP, Colorado School of Travel
94-175-SP, Knoxville College
94-176-ST, Cinderella Beauty School
94-177-R, Puerto Rico Dept. of Education (Order)
94-179-SP, Spokane Community College
94-181-SP, Danville Area Community College
94-186-EA, Phillips Junior College of Jackson, Mississippi
94-188-EA, Professional Technical Institution
94-189-SA, Modern Hairstyling Institute, Inc.
94-190-SA, Bryant & Stratton Business Institute
94-191-SF, Lanin School of Aesthetics
94-193-SP, Lehigh Technical School
94-194-SP, Amherst Career Center
94-205-EA, Art of Beauty College
94-210-SA, Branell College of Nashville
94-214-SP, CC’s Cosmetology College
94-216-SP, Fisk University
94-218-SP, Institute of Jewish Culture and Heritage

1993 Docket Numbers:

93-2-ST, York College, San Juan, Puerto Rico
93-3-O, City University of New York
93-4-ST, Draughon College
93-6-SP, Simmons School
93-7-SP, Edmondson Junior College
93-8-O, Career Development Institutes
93-11-ST, United Talmudical Academy of Monsey
93-13-ST, Tri-State Beauty Colleges
93-15-ST, Bliss College
93-16-O, Arizona Dept. of Library, Archives and Public Records
93-17-SX, Institute of Jewish Culture and Heritage
93-19-SP, Twentieth Century College
93-22-ST, Cincinnati Metropolitan College
93-23-SP, Blair Junior College
93-26-ST, Tiffany’s College of Hair Design
93-27-ST, Spencer College
93-27-ST, Spencer College (Decision on Remand)
93-28-ST, Hartford Technical Institute
93-29-SP, Nettleton Junior College
93-31-SP, Phillips Junior College
93-32-SP, Computer Processing Institute
93-38-SP, Atlanta College of Medical and Dental Careers
93-39-SP, Phillips Colleges, Inc.
93-40-ST, Southeastern University
93-44-R, Pennsylvania Department of Education
93-48-SP, Phillips Colleges, Inc.
93-50-SP, National Broadcasting School
93-55-SP, Ft. Lauderdale College
93-58-SP, Phillips College of Chicago
93-59-SP, United Education Institute
93-60-SP, Mountain States Technical Institute
93-61-SA, Southeastern University
93-71-SA, Flavio Beauty College
93-76-R, Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission
93-80-ST, International Technical Institute
93-81-SP, New York Business School
93-82-SP, Selan’s System of Beauty Culture
93-83-SP, Phillips Junior College (Birmingham)
93-85-ST, Moore Career College
93-86-ST, Cosmetology Training Center
93-87-SA, Illinois Medical Training Center
93-88-ST, San Juan City College
93-89-ST, Dayton Academy of Hair Design
93-90-SP, Phillips Junior College, Melbourne
93-92-DA, Sylvester Smith
93-93-DA, Proposed Debarment of Curtis Riendeau
93-95-DA, Proposed Debarment of Carl Simmons
93-96-DA, Proposed Debarment of Richard Crance
93-98-SA, National Training, Inc.
93-99-SP, Bnos Jerusalem Rabbinical Seminary (Order)
93-105-ST, Mile Hi College
93-106-SP, Clark Atlanta University
93-106-SP, Clark Atlanta University (Decision on Remand II)
93-108-EA, Artistic Beauty College
93-109-EA, Artistic Beauty College
93-112-SP, Wyoming Technical Institute
93-115-DA, Proposed Debarment of Marcus Katz
93-116-DA, Proposed Debarment of Barbara Herold
93-124-ST, International Academy of Hair Design and Technology
93-125-CR, Southwestern Virginia Training Center
93-126-R, Massachusetts Department of Education
93-129-SP, Oklahoma Junior College
93-136-R, Pennsylvania Dept. of Education
93-144-SP, Phillips Junior College (Gulfport)
93-147-SA, MBTI Business Training Institute of Puerto Rico
93-148-ST, Upsala College
93-151-SA, Calvinade Beauty Academy
93-153-ST, Printing Trades School
93-154-I, Arizona Department of Education (Order of Remand)
93-154-I, Arizona Department of Education (Initial Decision)
93-155-SP, California Culinary Academy, Inc.
93-156-SP, Fort Scott Community College
93-157-SA, Branell Institute
93-164-EA, Medical Arts Training Center
93-170-SP, Berk Trade and Business School
93-171-ST, Bais Fruma
93-173-ST, Royal College of Beauty
93-173-ST, Charms Beauty School
93-173-ST, Emergency Action Against Clark College
93-173-ST, Clinton Junior College
93-173-ST, Emergency Action Against Chateau School of Cosmetology
93-173-ST, Emergency Action Against Dayton Academy of Hair Desig
93-173-ST, Grand Rapids School of the Bible & Music
93-173-ST, Hebrew Theological College
93-173-ST, Emergency Action Against Instituto Artes de Belleza
93-173-ST, National Hispanic University
93-173-ST, Emergency Action Against Robinson Business College
93-173-ST, Emergency Action Against Tiffany’s College of Hair Design
93-173-ST, Word of Life Bible Institute

1992 Docket Numbers:

92-2-ST, Ivanhoe Institute
92-8-ST, San Francisco College of Mortuary Science
92-11-SP, Empire Technical Schools
92-14-ST, Paul’s Beauty College
92-20-SP, Computer Processing Institute
92-23-SP, Garces Commercial College
92-25-SP, Oregon State System of Higher Education
92-26-ST, Institute of Multiple Technology
92-33-ST, Yorktowne Business Institute
92-42-ST, Health Care Training Institute
92-42-ST, Health Care Training Institute (Interlocutory Decision)
92-42-ST, Health Care Training Institute (Order)
92-45-SP, Smith Business College
92-51-R, Florida Department of Education
92-58-SP, Paul’s Beauty College
92-63-SP, Parks College
92-64-SA, Phillips Colleges, Inc.
92-65-R, Pennsylvania State Department of Education
92-67-SA, Michigan Computer Institute
92-71-SP, Missouri Valley College
92-73-SA, Puerto Rico Technology and Beauty College
92-85-ST, United Academies of Cosmetology
92-86-SP, Denver Paralegal Institute
92-86-SP, Denver Paralegal Institute (Order re Reconsideration)
92-87-SA, Denver Paralegal Institute
92-87-SA, Denver Paralegal Institute (Order re Reconsideration)
92-91-ST, Technical Career Institute
92-92-SP, MTA School
92-94-ST, Draughon Business College
92-96-SA, State Community College of East St. Louis
92-101-SP, National Training Service, Inc.
92-102-SA, Southeastern University
92-102-SA, Southeastern University (Decision on Remand)
92-104-ST, Federico North Fresno Beauty College
92-108-SP, Dudley Hall Career Institute
92-110-ST, Beth Rochel Seminary
92-113-SP, Chauffeur’s Training School, Inc.
92-113-SP, Chauffeur’s Training School, Inc. (Remand)
92-116-R, New York State Education Department (Decision on Remand)
92-117-R, Colorado Department of Social Services
92-118-SP, Pan American School, Inc.
92-120-R, State of Connecticut
92-121-ST, Mr. Arnold’s Excellence Beauty School
92-124-SP, Health Care Training Institute
92-125-SP, Shorter College
92-128-SP, Commercial Training Services, Inc.
92-129-SA, Hi-Tech Institute of Hair Design
92-131-ST, Bnai Arugath Habosem
92-132-SP, Long Beach College of Business
92-135-SP, Institute of Multiple Technology
92-136-SP, PBI Career Center, Inc.
92-141-ST, Fischer Technical Institute
92-144-SP, International Career Institute (Dismissal)
92-144-SP, International Career Institute (Decision Upon Remand)
92-ESB-EA, Emergency Action Against European School of Beauty
92-NSHT-EA, National School of Health Technology

1991 Docket Numbers:

91-4-I, Smithville R-II School District
91-5-SP, Berk Trade and Business School
91-6-SP, Academy for Social Action
91-7-ST, Electronic College & Computer Programming
91-7-ST, Electronic College & Computer Programming ( Decision on Remand)
91-17-ST, Career Education, Inc.
91-18-ST, Maurice Charles Academy of Hair Styling
91-21-I, Fairbanks North Borough School District
91-23-R, State of Vermont Department of Libraries
91-24-R, State of South Dakota
91-26-R, Commonwealth of Virginia
91-29-R, District of Columbia Public Schools
91-33-ST, Payne-Pulliam School of Trade and Commerce
91-36-SP, Puerto Rico Barber & Technical College
91-39-SP, Webster Career College
91-40-SP, Baytown Technical School, Inc.
91-42-ST, RS Men’s Hair Styling, Inc.
91-45-I, Arizona Dept. of Education (first order)
91-45-I, Arizona Dept. of Education (second order)
91-53-SP, Empire Technical School
91-60-SP, Painter’s Colleges Inc.
91-62-ST, Little French Beauty Academy
91-80-SP, Macomb Community College
91-81-R, New York State Education Department
91-86-R, North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (Interlocutory Decision)
91-90-SA, Amarillo West Texas Barber Styling College
91-93-SA, Atlanta College of Medical and Dental Careers
91-94-SA, Pan American School
91-96-SA, Phillips College of Atlanta
91-102-SA, Rice College
91-109-SP, Harris School of Business
91-112-SP, Associated Technical College
91-112-SP, Associated Technical College (Decision on Remand)
91-GSS-EA, Golden State School Emergency Action Proceeding
91-HI-EA, Hospitality Institute Emergency Action Proceeding

1990 Docket Numbers:

90-2-SA, Platt Junior College
90-7-ST, Michigan Paraprofessional Training Institute
90-8-SA, Pennsylvania College of Straight Chiropractic
90-12-SP, Endicott International Beauty School
90-19-ST, Arnold International University of Cosmetology
90-31-SP, Academia La Danza Artes Del Hogar
90-34-ST, Puerto Rico Technology and Beauty College/Lamec, Inc. d/b/a Puerto Rico Barber and Technical College
90-38-ST, Puerto Rico Technology and Beauty College/Lamec, Inc. d/b/a Puerto Rico Barber and Technical College
90-41-ST, Southern Vocational College
90-42-ST, Hartford Modern School of Welding
90-47-I, North Slope Borough School District
90-56-ST, Trend Colleges, Inc.
90-57-R, Oglala Lakota College
90-58-R, Oglala Lakota College
90-61-ST, Sojourner-Douglas College
90-62-ST, Southern Institute of Business and Technology
90-67-ST, The Balin Institute of Technology
90-68-ST, Katie’s School of Beauty Culture and Barbering
90-70-R, New York State Department of Education
90-74-R, Maine Department of Education
90-75-ST, Hartford Modern School of Welding
90-82-R, California Department of Education
90-84-SP, Balin Institute of Technology
90-86-ST, Transwestern Institute
90-100-SP, Derech Ayson Rabbinical Seminary
90-102-SA, Stautzenberger College
90-102-SA, Stautzenberger College (Equal Access to Justice issue)
90-104-I, North Slope Borough School District

1989 Docket Numbers:

89-6-R, State of Washington
89-8-R, Marty Indian School
89-9-R, Escambia County Board of Education
89-11-S, Community College of Philadelphia
89-12-S, French Fashion Academy
89-13-S, California State University and Colleges
89-14-S, Dakota Wesleyan University
89-15-S, Louisiana School of Professions
89-16-S, Gulf Coast Trades Center
89-21-S, Sinclair Community College
89-26-S, Temple University
89-31-S, Academia de Belleza Borinquen
89-32-R, Missouri Department of Social Services
89-33-CR, Capistrano Unified School District
89-35-S, Aristotle College
89-35-S Aristotle College (Decision on Remand)
89-48-I, Lemont Township High School District #210
89-59-S, DeLoux Schools of Cosmetology